Display with 6 side-by-side pockets

FolderSysSKU: Display2


Dimensions: Width of 540mm, depth of 260mm, height of 300mm

6 side by side pockets for presenting FolderSys-Products.
Made from polypropylene, matching most FolderSys-Products.
Display is free of charge if a full assembley is ordered.
Our recommendation for a full assembley:

PP-Envelopes with velcro-closure
available transparent colours: 04 clear, 44 blue, 54 green, 64 yellow, 84 red, 94 assorted

Size A4
Item-No. 40101

Size A5
Item-No. 40102

Size DINLong
Item-No. 40103

Size A4
Item-No. 40104

Size A4 with gusset
Item-No. 40105

Size A4 with filing-strip
Item-No. 40106

Size A4 with filing-strip and gusset
Item-No. 40109

Size A6
Item-No. 40116

Size A7
Item-No. 40117

Size Namecard
Item-No. 40119


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